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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Archive for February, 2007

Beyond Wikipedia

Posted by Gator on February 1st, 2007

Truths and Trifles Wikipedia Would Call Trivia

(last amended 19 September 2014)

“I’m a Nerds Rope person and Kit Kat.”
Source: Interview posted January 7, 2013 (probably interviewed November 2012) or here.

“I find dating exhausting and uninteresting, and I really would like to skip over the hours of conversation that you need to get up to speed on each other’s lives, and the stories I’ve told a million times.  I just want to get to the watching TV in bed. If you’re on a date with me, you can be certain that this is what I’m evaluating you for: how good is it going to be, cuddling with you in bed and watching Damages?”
Source: Sarah’s memoir, The Bedwetter

Disney in Her Life
“I was Minnie Mouse for Halloween every year when I was little. Then I had the Cinderella nightgown when I was really little, that I begged my mother to wear to school. I was also Snow White a lot.”
Source: Wreck-It Ralph press day interviews posted by Collider.com
29 Oct 2012

Boyfriend Michael Sheen stated that Sarah “hates farce” and Sarah explained:

“I mean, I just, I don’t like, like, ‘Oh, look. You’re laughing because this door opened and this door shut and– you just missed him!’ And it’s all like, ‘Isn’t it incredible timing.’ And it’s– No, I don’t like farce.”
Source: Chris Hardwick interviewing Michael Sheen and Sarah in September 10, 2014 Nerdist podcast.

Favorite Childhood Video Games
“I love[d] “Joust”!…There was “Joust” in our Dairy Queen, in New Hampshire, and I mastered it. I spent so much time with that Joust. I loved it! And, all you’re doing is flapping this weird bird… this really long, odd bird with really tiny wings, and you’re like (hitting the table) “This flaps the wings”. But yeah, “Frogger”, “Astroids”, “Centipede”… On Atari there’s the regular joy stick, but then there’s the new joy stick with the dial that you could play “Kaboom!” with. Then, this game “Pitfall!” came out, that, for the time, the graphics were incredible! Now, you would laugh, but I was blown away by “Pitfall!”. When I moved out here, and was actually an adult in my early 20′s, we had gotten a Nintendo 64 at MR. SHOW. Whenever anyone wasn’t shooting they were playing “Goldeneye 007″. There were four windows on this giant tv, and it became my world! (Laughs) Like, I dreamt about it.”
Source:Press day roundtable interview posted by veryaware.com
29 Oct 2012

Favorite Movie Comedies
 “Defending Your Life, Broadway Danny Rose, Annie Hall, Manhattan, and Real Life. Bridesmaids is up there. Borat is maybe one of my top favorite comedies. Where’s Poppa blows my mind. Check it out…Brilliant Ruth Gordan, George Segal. So ahead of it’s time! Or, maybe not ahead of it’s time. There are so many older movies that, now… We’re living in such a conservative time compared to the 70′s. There’s a movie called The One and Only that Carl Reiner directed by Steve (Gordon). The guy who went on to write Arthur. I loved it. It’s one of my favorites.”
Source: Press day roundtable interview posted by veryaware.com
29 Oct 2012

Favorite Restaurants
The Airport Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire
Source: Tonight Show interview 26 Oct 2012

B&H Diary (127 2nd Ave, New York City)
Source: Her comment in Reddit IAmA 10 Mar 2013

Favorite (Current) TV Shows
What pops up is Game of Thrones. But I love so many shows. I love all TV… Give me a Bones. Give me a Castle. And yet, give me a– Game of Thrones, give me a True Detective, give me a Fargo. I love all of it.
Source: Yahoo Live Presents interview following 66th Primetime Emmy Awards 25 Aug 2014

First Sex
Kevin Brennan (comedian) in 1990 (first “real” sex)
Source: Sarah’s memoir, The Bedwetter

A name-forgotten guy with long hair and a beard at her sister’s college in 1988 (what she thought was sex)
Source: Podcast interview posted 7 Mar 2013 (timecode 19m:25s)
Q: When you think of London, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
A: Hyde Park, Mildred’s, Topshop, H&M, hoity-toity types, runny noses, Madonna, “Doctor Who”, French and Saunders , Ricky Gervais
Source: October 14, 2008 e-interview

Sarah hates magicians.

“I have like a a racism against magicians, I think. Not racism, but whatever the word would be. Prejudice. … This is what I feel like.
You want me to believe that you’re “magic,” and what you’ve chosen to do with your “power of magic” is … private parties!?
Source: Chelsea Handler interviewing Sarah, broadcast May 28, 2014
Previously tweeted by Sarah February 21, 2014 and subsequently part of her stand-up act.

Michael Sheen: Your dislike for it is based entirely on a false premise. They are not trying to convince you that they are magic. They’re not trying to convince you of that.
Sarah: Right, instead, it’s an illusion. So the difference is, they spent some time in their basement learning a trick, when I was busy.
Source: Chris Hardwick interviewing Michael Sheen and Sarah in September 10, 2014 Nerdist podcast.

“Make It A Treat”
Sources: She dedicates an entire chapter to this in her memoir, The Bedwetter ( Excerpt: “Make It a Treat” is similar in spirit to “everything in moderation,” but still very distinct. “Moderation” suggests a regular, low-level intake of something. MIAT asks for more austerity; it encourages you to keep the special things in life special.)
She also tells the story of her inspiration for MIAT in this interview video excerpt.

Jerry Seinfeld
“Whereas most comedians are lazy bastards, he’s the ultimate craftsman.”
Source: New York Times, 20 Dec 2012