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    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

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Over 100 more join Sarah in signing Israel ad

Posted by Gator on September 14th, 2014

An ad condemning the Palestinian terrorism of Hamas, which was printed in The New York Times and other national publications at the end of August, was re-printed this weekend. This time, Sarah’s signature on the petition calling for peace is joined by signatures of over 300 other celebrities. When the ad was previously published, it had just under 200 celebrity signatures. The ad is among the means used by the Creative Community for Peace to advance its mission to “counter the cultural boycott of Israel and promote the power of the arts to bring people together in peace.”


Video: Sarah in Single Shot episode 8

Posted by Gator on September 14th, 2014



After not appearing in episode seven of Jerry Seinfeld’s new online mini-series, Single Shot, Sarah does have a segment in episode 8 (“Sexy Talk”), which premiered 9/11/14. She does a great recollection of being ten and watching Woody’ Allen’s Sleeper repeatedly, anxiously questioning those around her. But don’t tune out when that story’s over. Five seconds later (after Louis C.K.’s piece), Sarah will query toward the kitchen, “Who do we have to blow for menus?” Clicking the pic takes you straight to Sarah’s segment.

Or you can watch the whole episode (less than 3 minutes) at the CCGC site or at Crackle.com.

Go here to see her in other episodes of Single Shot.

Sarah in EW mag 9/19/14

Posted by Gator on September 14th, 2014

This is how Sarah appeared on the “Week’s Best Sound Bites” page of Entertainment Weekly magazine’s September 19 issue.


Audio: Sarah with Sheen during 9/10/14 podcast

Posted by Gator on September 13th, 2014




Chris Hardwick’s famed Nerdist podcast featured Michael Sheen on September 10 (Episode 569), and Sarah “chimes in periodically.”  Go here to listen.

[The voice you sometimes hear in the background is Hardwick’s colleague, Kyle Clark. Also, before the interview began, Hardwick mentioned that he enjoyed “hanging out with Sarah” on the Oddball tour. Hardwick is one of the comedians in the lineup on some of the Oddball Comedy Festival tour dates. At the very end of the interview they briefly get back to that topic.]

Below are transcriptions or summaries of some of the Sarah moments, in case you don’t want to listen to the podcast straight through. (It is 1h:38m long.) But fans could get a good sense of the personality of Sarah’s boyfriend (sharp mind, sharp wit) by listening to the whole interview. [Revealing example: Describing whether his father, who is a professional Jack Nicholson impersonator, can do Nicholson’s voice, Sheen says, “What he lacks in specificity he makes up for in commitment.”]

Read the rest of this entry »

Video: Sarah & Whitney backstage 9/5/14

Posted by Gator on September 11th, 2014


Some funny and some sweet moments in this odd interview done by odd interviewer “Nardwuar” backstage September 5 at the Auburn, Washington, show on the Oddball Festival tour. Nardwuar is a celebrity interviewer from Vancouver, Canada.

Whitney calls Sarah “my hero” and her “spirit animal,” and says, “I sincerely love her.” Sarah declares, “Nobody deserves success more than Whitney Cummings. She works her ass off. She’s hilarious. She’s got the skin of a dove.” And more. 

The ad in the video doesn’t let us leap to just Sarah’s segment, so you’ll have to manually go to the 3m:15s timecode, where Sarah enters.

Add this to your “Sarah’s Peeves” list: At one point Sarah chastised Nardwuar for just sticking the microphone in front of her after making a statement but without asking a question. On August 25, she scolded interviewer Giuliana Rancic for doing the same thing on the Emmy red carpet.

Also in the video: Sarah praises radio personality and Monk writer/producer Tom Scharpling. 




Sarah recalls SNL as anniversary approaches

Posted by Gator on September 11th, 2014

Looking toward the upcoming 40th anniversary season of Saturday Night Live, grantland.com published on August 21 an article called “My ‘SNL’: Testimonials From Cast Members Who Lived It.” Here’s the section contributed by Sarah:


Sarah to host SNL 10/4/14

Posted by Gator on September 10th, 2014

SNLjWell, Sarah tweeted about it so it must be official. She will be hosting Saturday Night Live on October 4, the second episode of the 40th anniversary season.  This will be her first time at SNL since she worked on the show during the 1993-1994 season.

Several posts went up yesterday about the news but were quickly deleted, apparently because they were also reporting that Bill Murray would be hosting the September 27 season premiere. That turns out to have been premature; the host is now being announced as Chris Pratt (of Guardians of the Galaxy), although there is still speculation that Murray will show up sometime during the coming season.

Along with Sarah will be musical guest Maroon 5.