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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Sarah apologizes

Posted by Gator on April 14th, 2015

In the wake of Al Martin’s video clarifying that Sarah’s story accusing him of sexist pay practices was not accurate, Sarah issued this statement to Salon.com:

pensivePOh goodness.  All I can say is I remember that story exactly how I said it. I know that Todd called the club earlier in the day to let them know I was in town if they wanted me to do a set.  They put me up for a 15 min spot just after Todd’s 15 min spot. I didn’t expect to get paid, that’s not why I was there, but when I got off stage Al, the sweet club owner, paid me 10 bucks and I signed the payment sheet. I was like, oh, nice.  I inferred from that that this was a paid spot not a guest spot.  Either way I would have been fine.  Then when Todd pointed out that he received 60 dollars for the same spot I went back inside and asked Al why Todd got sixty dollars and I got ten. That’s when he certainly could have said “Because it was a guest spot, Sarah.  I was just being super nice and gave you ten dollars for cab money.” But instead, (and I will always remember this exactly how he said it because it was unbelievably hilarious) he said, “Oh- did you want a $60 spot?”

My regret is that I mentioned Al by name- it should have been a nameless, faceless anecdote and he has always been lovely to me.

This is also HARDLY an example of the wage gap and can only do that very true reality a terrible disservice if I were trying to make it one.  When I was interviewed by Levo, they asked me “Do you remember a time you were paid less for the same job” and this story, being just that, popped into my head.   To Al, I truly am sorry to bring you into this as you employ women and pay them the same as the men I’m sure.  To the maniacs who want to use this as a chit against women’s issues, I ask that you please don’t.  Because that would be super shitty. Feel free to aim your vitriol at me but leave this issue of working women out of it, K?

The end

Video: Martin says Sarah had “talent gap”
Video: Sarah on equal pay for women

Video: Martin says Sarah had “talent gap”

Posted by Gator on April 10th, 2015

040815AlMartinVidcapIn response to the story Sarah told in her interview for Levo’s Ask4More campaign (promoting equal pay for women), Al Martin, former owner of the New York Comedy Club, posted a video defending himself. In it, he says while Todd Barry had been on the bill that night, Sarah was a “guest” (unscheduled walk-on), and that guests were customarily not paid. He says when she asked for pay, he was being considerate by giving her “cabfare.” He goes on to list the many women in his life as evidence that he does treat women fairly.

Martin posted his video response on the New York Comedy World Facebook page, with the following printed message:
My response to Sarah Silverman’s attempt to slander me on the internet yesterday…Not as high quality as hers, but I tried to make a selfie video with the FACTS…And to anyone who wishes to share I would be greatly appreciative.

Video: Sarah on equal pay for women

Posted by Gator on April 6th, 2015

As part of Levo’s Ask4More campaign (promoting equal pay for women) during these days leading up to Equal Pay Day (April 14), Sarah addresses the subject in a five minute video. She tells a personal story of being paid unequally, mentions her experience playing basketball with men, and addresses women improving their own self-image.

Sarah didn’t write the rape prevention tips

Posted by Gator on March 27th, 2015

We’re finally giving in and saying something about the week-long, expanding online “discussion” of Sarah’s March 20 tweet of these “rape prevention tips.”  And that’s only because there is so much online about it, we don’t want people who come here for Sarah news to think we don’t cover ‘Everything Sarah.’

The simple facts are:
1. It’s a re-tweet (See the “RT” in the tweet?); she didn’t write it.  It’s years old.
2. Most of the people writing online with aghast objections are criticizing Sarah for writing them. Why even respond to people who are that dumb?


Another actor added to Sarah pilot

Posted by Gator on March 27th, 2015

News yesterday that Justin Kirk will be another member of the cast of the soon-to-be-filmed-but-as-yet-unnamed HBO pilot in which Sarah will star. Here’s how The Hollywood Reporter reported it:


032515KirkJustinP2by Lesley Goldberg

Justin Kirk is returning to HBO.

The Angels in America star has joined the cast of the premium cabler’s Sarah Silverman comedy, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The untitled pilot is described as a comedic look at a pathologically honest woman (Silverman) having a modern midlife crisis. Silverman stars as Jude, an abrasively honest tomboy described as a 21st century woman who works as a video game designer. Kirk will play Stacy, Jude’s paranoid, charismatic and occasionally antagonistic boss at the video game company. 

Smash’s Jack Davenport, Kerri Kennedy and Mark Cohen co-star in the comedy written by Lucy Prebble (Secret Diary of a Call Girl). Prebble, Silverman, Ash Atalla, Amy Zvi and Dan Hine exec produce.

For Kirk, repped by UTA, Management 360 and attorney PJ Shapiro, the casting brings the Golden Globe-nominated Weeds alum back to HBO after he toplined its Emmy-winning miniseries Angels in America, for which he also garnered an Emmy nom.

His credits include Nobody Walks, Mr. Morgan’s Last Love and the upcoming Walter.

Video: Sarah talks HBO pilot on Stars red carpet
More sign on to Sarah’s HBO pilot
HBO signs Sarah for comedy series

Sarah talks fashion with L.A. Magazine

Posted by Gator on March 25th, 2015

Here’s the March 25 Los Angeles Magazine interview with (and three terrific pics of) Sarah.



by Linda Immediato

For your Emmy award-winning HBO special, We Are Miracles, you rocked a jean shorts-and-tights ensemble. I’d cop that look.
It’s funny, because I’ll say to my boyfriend, “You see what I’m wearing? You’re gonna see a whole bunch of little girls wearing this next year.” I’m wearing what Janeane Garofalo wore in 1995. I like the shorts and tights. I feel super comfortable in them; I feel sexual in them. My thighs are free. I’m not thinking about what they look like in jeans or pants. I also want to bring back the skort. I have one skort that I love. I can be free in it and run if I need to and sit like a regular person. Read the rest of this entry »

Sarah advises Corden’s bandleader

Posted by Gator on March 23rd, 2015

James Corden takes the full-time helm of The Late Late Show (CBS) tonight, and his band leader is going to be Reggie Watts, friend of Sarah and one of the creative partners in their online JASH.com.  In the process of considering the gig, Watts consulted Sarah (as reported by Vulture.com):

Vulture: What finally sparked your decision
to take the job?

R.W.: It’s funny, I had so many conversations with friends and colleagues. And I remember talking to Sarah Silverman about it, and she was really cool. She said, “If you get to be who you are, and you get to ask for a criteria and they meet that criteria, then why not check it out?” So I thought about that. And then I talked to my mom. And my mom was like, [in mom voice] “Well. You never know until you try.”

Vulture: Sometimes all you need is Sarah Silverman and your mom.
R.W.: Exactly.

with Reggie Watts

Sarah and Watts